Bevis's Travels


Bevis Billingham does not go to places to find that they are nice, he goes to find out what they are like.  He does not like escorted tours, which he considers are sanitised and aim to ensure that their members have a good time and come away with a great impression, with no negative experiences.

Bevis's travel stories are not about wonderful scenery, first rate hotels, good food, visits to museums (apart from car museums) and "the sights", to make his friends envious.   Although he goes to capital cities he is not obsessed with them, and by travelling mainly by car he is able to take in small towns, villages, countryside, and tries to get an overview of the way people live.  Of necessity the trips are short, never more than two weeks and often only a few days, because he has commitments in the real world at home.  During the 1960s Bevis worked for two years in Germany and is well aware that you have to live in a country for some time to find out what it is really like.

As a classic vehicle enthusiast his aim is to visit every classic car museum in the world.  So far he has managed 74, which leaves about 1050 to go.


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