Bevis's Travels

Car museums around the world


Some of the car museums visited by Bevis on his travels.  Dates are year of last visit.


Dudutki Folk Museum. Dudutki 2019

An ethographical museum with a small collection of mainly Soviet vehicles, including some obscure ones.


Autoworld, Brussels 2011

Effectively the Belgian national motor museum. In government museum complex on the east side of Brussels. Most of the exhibits came from the Ghislain Mahy collection (see Mahymobiles). About 200 vehicles. Very good selection.

Mahymobiles. Leuze 2007

The main part of the collection of Ghislain Mahy, the owner of a large taxi company after the second world war. New cars were in short supply, and Mr.Mahy bought anything he could get, new or secondhand, and kept them all when they were no longer suitable for his business. Several hundred cars in this museum, and there are said to be many more in store. About 1000 including the ones in Autoworld.

Oldtimer Museum "Bossaert". Lo Reninge 2011

Excellent privately owned museum attached to a large general store. 95 vehicles, cars, motorcycles and military. Web site in Dutch, but understandable.

Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack Museum. 2010

A small museum attached to the Abbaye de Stavelot, with a collection of competition cars associated with the circuit and a considerable number of classic motorcycles.  Also general information about the history of the circuit.


Beijing Auto Museum,  Beijing  2013

A recently opened state-run museum housed in a spectacular building vaguely reminiscent of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart.   A fair number of Chinese and other classic cars, but largely devoted to educational displays and very popular with families.   Website hard to find and only in Chinese.  Just put Beijing Auto Museum into Google.

Beijing Classic Car Museum, Huairou, Beijing District.  2013

A really good museum of Chinese vehicles started many years ago by Mr. Luo Wen You, a former taxi driver.  Lots of weird and interesting things, but all descriptions are in Chinese only.  Mr. Luo Wen You will be pleased to see you but doesn't speak any English. (Chinese).


Museo del Autovil, Havana.  2011

The streets of  Havana are full of classic vehicles, almost all post 1945, but this small museum has a number of older American cars and a 'barn-find' 1920s Rolls-Royce open tourer.  Also some fairly obscure cars and motorcycles of the 1960s and 70s, including MG and Maserati replicas.


Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum, Nicosia  2019

This museum is owned by Andreas Nicolaou, a proper biker, who has a large collection of classic vehicles.  About 100 motorcycles are in the museum, many of them British.  A really good place for oily rag enthusiasts.

Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum, Limassol   2019

Founded by Dimi Mavropoulos, a local rally-driving legend, this museum has over 150 exhibits, including a few commercial vehicles and automobilia, all well displayed.  Highly recommended.

Near East University Classic Car Museum, North Nicosia  2019

A very smart museum on the NEU campus about 5 km north of Nicosia, the collection is divided into two sections:  modern sports cars, including supercars, and traditional classic cars plus some motorcycles.  Many of these vehicles  are British. A good collection, clean and well-displayed but the entry fee is a bit over the top at 20 euros.


Skoda Auto Museum 2010

An excellent museum attached to the Skoda factory at Mlada Boleslav about 35 miles from Prague.  Skoda is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, and the museum covers the whole of the 20th century including  the Soviet period.


Automuseum Halingal .   E67 Loomse 2019

A recently built museum with a good display of about 50 mainly iron-curtain cars, some unusual.  The whole place is immaculate, including most of the cars.   Car descriptions in English.

Jarva-Janni Classic Car Park.  Jarva-Jaani  2019

A wonderful open-air collection of East European vehicles, originally fire-engines but now including cars, lorries,  buses, motorcycles, and many other strange machines. There is no cash desk, you put the entry charge in a box under the bonnet of an ancient Zaporozhets. An indoor museum is now being built with EU support, but hopefully most of the outdoor exhibits will remain.  Unmissable.


Cité de l'Automobile - Musée National - Collection Schlumpf Mulhouse 2008

Originally a collection of over 120 Bugattis built up in secret by the Schumpf brothers who owned a textile business, many more cars were added and it is now the French national motor museum. A vast collection, beautifully displayed, and without a doubt one of the best motor museums in the world.

Musée Automobile Reims Champagne. Reims 1994

An excellent collection with many important one-off designs, mainly French. Cars, lorries and motorcycles.

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. Paris 2005

The French equivalent of our Science Museum. A few vehicles, but by far the most interesting is Cugnot's Steam Wagon of 1769, claimed to be the world's first motor vehicle.

There are very many more unvisited museums in France.


Espoo Car Museum, Espoo near Helsinki 2019

An exceptionally good museum, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.  A vast collection of cars and motorcycles, including microcars, mopeds and scooters from both sides of the iron curtain. Highly recommended. Descriptions mostly in Finnish, but website in English.

Helsinki Car Museum. Helsinki 2008

A small museum, about 20 vehicles, but a collection of 5000 models of Mercedes Benz vehicles of all sorts. (in Finnish)  This museum may now have closed.

Lahti Motorcycle Museum.  Lahti   2019

An excellent museum, owned by a Finnish man who has close connections to Britain and the Ace Cafe in London. Many interesting bikes in a widely varying state of preservation and a London bus for bringing people from Lahti in the summer. Definitely worth a visit.

Mobilia Museum. Kangasala   2019

An extremely smart museum in which you could eat off the floor.  A moderate number of exhibits but well-displayed with a large rally car section. Family orientated and educational.  Also has time-limited themed displays and trade shows.

Uudenkaupungin Car Museum.  Uusikaupunki  2019

Adjacent to the Valmet car development and assembly plant, this museum is divided into 3 sections: a good general display of cars and motorcycles, a SAAB hall, and other vehicles made by Valmet.  The SAAB hall has about 40 cars, ranging from the 92 to the final GM based models. Obscurely situated but worth visiting.

Vehoniemen Car Museum.  Kangasala  2019

A good selection of cars and motorcycles with a shop selling models and a cafe. Rather strangely they have an immaculate engine from a British Trojan car.


Audi Museummobile. Ingolstadt 2009

A large museum, attached to the Audi factory. Covers all makes historically associated with Audi, e.g. Auto Union, DKW, Wanderer, Horch, NSU. Cars and motorcycles. Very well displayed.

Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. Sinsheim 2010

Considered by many people to be the best technical museum in the world, there are 300 cars, 200 motorcycles, and many aircraft including Concord and Tupolev 144. Also military and marine exhibits. Fantastic.          

Automobile-Museum Dortmund. Dortmund 2012

About 80 vehicles, cars and motorcycles, with a slight emphasis on Jaguars. Well displayed

Automuseum Melle. Melle 2012

A large and varied collection, cars and motorcycles, well displayed.

Automuseum Rosso Bianco. Aschaffenburg. 2003

A wonderful collection of 200 sports cars, many of exceptional interest.  Sadly now closed.  Some cars were sold privately, but others went to the Louwman Collection in Holland see below)

Autovision. Mannheim 2010

A private museum with the theme of alternative power, particularly electricity and Wankel engines. Very high technical interest. Collection of cars, motorcycles, engines, and NSU section.

BMW Museum am Olympiaturm. Munich 2007

This was a temporary display in an inflatable building, with selected cars and motorcycles from the original museum, which was being rebuilt. Now closed.

BMW Museum. Munich 2009

A new museum, adjoining the BMW factory. Car and motorcycles and some aviation. In some respects disappointing, with a complicated layout and little natural lighting.

Classic Remise.  Dusseldorf  2012, 2014

Strictly speaking this is not a museum, but a classic car centre incorporating a small museum section.  Formerly known as Meilenwerk it comprises storage facilities for classic vehicles with shops selling vehicles, clothing and accessories, a large car sales area and cafe all under one roof in a former locomotive building.  Altogether there are about 200 vehicles, including many exotic ones, and entry is free during normal working hours.   An unmissable experience for classic vehicle enthusiasts.

Classic Remise.  Berlin 2012

This is a sister classic car centre to the Dusseldorf one above, but may be slightly smaller, with more workshops and fewer sales outlets. Still a very good selection of cars and well worth visiting.

Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum. Munich 2009

This is the transport section of the Deutsches Museum, a technical museum similar to our Science Museum. Cars, motorcycles, lorries, trains, bicycles. Has the only original 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen in existence (though it may have been built later than 1885). Also an Auto-Union Silver Arrow. Superb collection.

Deutsches Technikmuseum Mensch in Fahrt.  Berlin 2012

A permanent display of vehicles, including about 30 cars, associated with the adjacent German Technical Museum.  Relatively small, but quite good.

Deutsches Zweirad-Museum and NSU Museum. Neckarsulm 2010

The German national motorcycle museum. On several floors in a quaint old building in the centre of Neckarsulm, the home town of NSU. Separate section devoted to NSU products. Excellent.

Eisenach Automobile Welt. Eisenach 1994

This is the museum of the former Wartburg factory, which was owned by BMW before the war and has many exhibits dating from that period. At the time of visit it was in a separate building, but has since been moved to the site of the former factory. Worth visiting.

1. Berliner DDR Motorrad-Museum.  Berlin 2012

A marvellous collection of over 140 motorcycles made in East Germany (DDR) during the Communist post-war period.  Mostly well-restored and well-displayed.   Mainly MZ and Simson, but a number of other little-known makes.

Hockenheimring Motor Sport Museum. Hockenheim 2010

Some racing and motor sport orientated cars on the ground floor, but this museum is now mainly dedicated to motorcycles.  In the gallery are many British classic machines, loaned or donated to the museum by a German collector.   Website is confusing and museum information is only in German.

Mercedes-Benz Museum. Stuttgart 2008

A huge display of Mercedes vehicles in an ultra-modern building, opened in 2008. Very popular, and can have long waiting times at peak periods, such as Saturday morning. Adjoining factory complex, with showroom, restaurant etc.

Motorradmuseum Ibbenbeuren. Ibbenbeuren 2008

An excellent private motorcycle museum.

Porsche Museum. Stuttgart 2010

An excellent museum in an impressive new building adjacent to the Porsche factory, opened in 2009.  A large number of cars very well displayed.

Rosengart-Museum, Beburg-Rath, nr. Cologne.   2011

A small but excellent museum dedicated to the life and work of Lucien Rosengart, a Frenchman who made Rosengart cars from the 1920s until 1953.  About 30 cars are displayed, including many licence-built versions of the Austin 7 and some larger front wheel drive models based to some extent on Audi and Citroen engineering.   The museum is a popular meeting place for classic car enthusiasts and has an large outdoor restaurant.

Technik Museum Speyer. Speyer 1996

Difficult though it is to believe, but this museum is an extension of the one at Sinsheim. 50 cars, plus aircraft and marine items, including a U-boat and a Russian space shuttle.

Unimog Museum. Rastatt. 2008

Although Unimog is a Mercedes product, it has this small independently-run museum of its own with an adjacent test track, on which you can be taken for a demonstration run over obstacles.

There are very many more car museums in Germany. See


Autotron.   's Hertogenbosch 2003

This was a large and very good museum, sadly now closed. Many of the exhibits went to the Louwman Collection.

Louwman Collection. Raamdonksveer 2003

A fantastic collection, now the Dutch National Motor Museum. It was built up by the Louwman family, who imported cars into Holland, and has many outstanding and rare exhibits. It closed in 2009, pending a move to the Hague (see below)

DAF Museum.  Eindhoven 2012

About 40 trucks and a similar number of cars are displayed in this old building, which was the original home of the Van Doorne company.  There are many prototypes and competition vehicles, with an emphasis on the Variomatic belt drive transmission for cars, which was the company's speciality.

Louwman Collection. Den Haag (The Hague)  2011

A world class museum, in impressive new purpose-built premises.  Many rare or unique cars, extremely well displayed, together with an automotive art gallery.


Skogar Transportation Museum, Skogar   2013

Associated with the excellent Skogar Folk Museum, this is a display of vehicles and communication equipment used in Iceland in the 19th and 20th centuries,  including about 15 vehicles.  These are mostly special-purpose tracked or 4x4 vehicles, including a Citroen Kegresse half-track used for crossing the interior in the 1920s.


Museo Alfa Romeo.  Milan  2016

Based at the Alfa Romeo headquarters, this museum is as prestigious as might be expected, although a little cramped in some parts.  Includes a documentation centre, bookshop, showroom, virtual reality area, and perhaps best avoided, a 4-D cinema.

Museo Enzo Ferrari.  Modena  2016

On the site of Enzo Ferrari's house in the centre of Modena, this museum actually has little about the man himself, but does have an excellent display of engines and cars, in some ways better laid out than the factory museum, with which it is associated.

Museo Ferrari.  Maranello   2016

The main Ferrari factory museum, it is very popular with the public and can be a bit crowded.  Examples of most Ferrari road and racing cars and engines.

Museo Lamborghini.  Sant'Agata   2016

Attached to the main Lamborghini office block, this museum has examples of every model produced by the company. Expensive, considering its size, but Lamborghini is Lamborghini.

Museo Mille Miglia.  Brescia  2016

A really excellent museum, housed in a former monastery, displaying cars, customs and curiosities (their description) from the Mille Miglia races between 1927 ando 1957.  Includes many 'etceterini' low-volume sports cars from the 1940s and 50s.

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino.  Turin  2016

The Italian Nation Automobile Museum has a about 200 cars from around the world, but as might be expected, with an emphasis on Italian makes.  Well-displayed apart from rather poor lighting.

Museo Tazio Nuvolari.  Mantova  2016

Not strictly speaking a car museum, but dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari (1892 - 1953), one of the world's most famous racing drivers. Run by enthusiasts and very atmospheric, it is housed in an old building in the back streets of Mantova.


Motor Car Museum of Japan. Komatsu 2007,  2015

Housed in a British-style red brick building, this huge collection was built up by the man who introduced that building method to Japan in the 1970s and made a fortune. After delivering the bricks he collected dumped cars from his customers and put them in a field, until there were so many that he decided to start a museum. 500 cars and motorcycles. Brilliant. Also a collection of urinals from around the world. This could only be Japan.

Prince & Skyline Museum, Okaya  2015

In a smart modern building perched on the top of a hill in a park, this museum is strictly for fans of the long-defunct Prince marque, and its successors, the Datsun/Nissan high-performance Skyline models.  Not worth the time and high entry cost unless you are a total anorak for these cars.  Website totally Japanese.

Toyota Automobile Museum. Nagoya 2007, 2015

A very large and varied collection of cars from all over the world, beautifully displayed, with no pro-Toyota bias. Examples of the licence-built Austin, Hillman, and Renault cars of the 1950s.


Riga Motor Museum. Riga 2006

Cars and motorcycles, with an Iron Curtain bias. The prize exhibit is an Auto Union Silver Arrow that was rescued from being broken up in Russia, although the one on display may be a C & G replica.


Automobile Museum, Vila Nova de Familicao. 2017

An excellent museum, mainly intended for educational purposes, with a some unusual microcars and other rare models, mostly European.  Also motorcycles.

Caramulo Museum, Caramulo 2017

Situated in a remote area about 70 miles from Porto this museum has some exotic cars including Ferraris, Bugattis and a Pegaso.  All well displayed and worth the effort to get there.

Museum of Transport and Communications. Porto 2017

The car section of this museum is dedicated entirely to vehicles used by dictators and presidents of Portugal.  It makes a point of demonstrating the move away from top-of-the-range Rolls-Royce and Mercedes to BMW and Audi as the country has become more democratic. Only about 15 cars, but easy to get to.   (Portugese)


Autoville. Moscow  2010

When visited this museum was acually closed for a private party, and appears to be aimed at the corporate hospitality business.  Very smart, about 30 cars, mainly formerly owned by notable people, including Mr.Putin.  Website in Russian.

Lomakov Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles.  Moscow  2010

The Lomakov family started collecting cars in 1964 and this is a sizeable collection, with a large proportion of non-Russian manufacture. Some interesting vehicles, but many in poor condition.   Many interesting cars outside, but these are not normally accessible to visitors.

Retro-Auto Museum. Moscow  2010

This is the one to visit if you are interested in vehicles of the Soviet era.  Most of the former Moskvitch museum is here, including many prototypes.  Commercial vehicles as well.  Excellent.

There are also some cars in the Polytechnic museum in central Moscow.


Technical Museum. Ljubljana 2005

This museum has two fairly large vehicle sections, one for cars and motorcycles, with a local bias, and the other for the cars of Marshall Tito. These are more varied than might be expected, because most of them were given to him by governments trying to influence him.


Samsung Transportation Museum. Jongin  2013

A good collection of classic cars from around the world, with a rather strange outdoor display of American car shells entirely painted silver for artistic effect.  Some early Korean cars (1970s and 80s) and a real oddity, one of the Docker Daimler show cars from the 1950s.   No Samsung cars, although they are still in production, now made in Korea by Renault.  Also trains and aircraft.


Jesada Technik Museum, Nakhon Phathom 73120   2018

An astonishing collection of vehicles, mainly cars and motorcycles from Europe.  Many rare and unusual types including microcars.  Racks of pedal cars and a large reserve collection of motorcycles.  It is a private museum and entry is free.  In the countryside about 25 miles west of Bangkok.


Mehmet Arsay Classic Car Museum.  Istanbul  2016

A collection of about 80 cars from around the world, many American and all in superb condition.  A lot of iconic models from the 1920s and 30s.  Beautifully displayed in a warehouse on an industrial estate, and believed to be the property of one man.  The curator was very pleasant and enthusiastic, but did not speak English.  Free entry.  (in Turkish)

Rahmi M Koc Museum.  Istanbul  2016

A good collection of cars in an excellent museum covering all forms of transport.  A number of Anadol and other Turkish cars not found elsewhere.  Also rally cars, boats, trains and aircraft.

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum.  Istanbul  2016

Another excellent privately-owned museum containing many high value cars, all in perfect condition.  Presented in the style of a classic American diner, with petrol pumps and dozens of working neon signs.  Obscured situated in the back streets of a northern suberb of Istanbul.  Everything perfect.


Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.  Auburn, Indiana  2014

A high-quality museum in the former headquarters of the manufacturer.  An excellent display of superb cars, much larger than might be expected bearing in mind the relatively small size of the company.  Highly recommended.

Auto Collections at LINQ Casino.  Las Vegas, Nevada 2017

Formerly the Imperial Palace Auto Collection, this is now an upmarket dealership, and most of the outstanding exhibits have been replaced by cars with more public appeal but less technical interest.

Autoklassix Corvette Museum. Daytona, Florida 1995

Strictly for Corvette cognoscenti. An example of every model for every year of production.  Finished and became Klassix (see below).

Automobile Driving Museum. El Segundo, California  2017

A good private collection of about 130 mainly American cars, well-presented and run by friendly people.

Bellms Cars and Music. Sarasota, Florida 1997

When first visited in 1989 this museum had a superb collection of cars and antique musical instruments. It declined over the years and eventually, in reduced form, without the music, became Sarasota Classic Car Museum (see below).

Blackhawk Automotive Museum. Danville, California 2008, 2017

At the time of the 2008 visit this was a fabulous museum with the 3 Alfa Romeo BAT cars, one of the only two Buchiali TAV12s, a Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow and Bugatti Royale. By 2017 the BAT cars were still there but many of the best ones had gone. Still worth visiting. Display spoilt by poor lighting (spot lights).

Collier Collection. Naples, Florida 1992

A fabulous private collection, mainly sports and racing cars, in an industrial building on the outskirts of Naples. No longer open to the public, but occasionally to invited groups. The owner, Miles Collier, is still adding to the collection from time to time.

Doc's Classic Car & Cycle Museum.  Bonduel, Wisconsin  2014

A collection of vehicles and automobilia attached to a large Harley Davidson dealership.   Some really oddball things, especially motorcycles.

Don Garlitt's Ford Museum. Ocala, Florida 1998

At the time of visit there were two museums on this site, one for dragsters and the other for Fords. The Ford museum was quite large but very American and probably of limited interest to many people. It now appears to have been enlarged and become a general classic car museum, though still predominantly American.

Elliott Museum. Stuart, Florida 1993

Sterling Elliott was an inventor and this museum in his house is dedicated to his memory. There are about 10 cars, ranging from 1903 to 1954. Stanley Steamer, Bugatti and Briggs. Also, at the time of visit, a Morris Minor. Museum has moved into new premises since visited.

Elvis Presley's Automobile Museum, Memphis, Tennessee  2011

Part of the Graceland complex, this museum has about 33 vehicles owned by Elvis Presley, including exotic cars, motorcycles, a tractor and a snowmobile modified for driving on the Graceland lawns.   Rolls-Royces, Cadillacs, a Ferrari, Stutz Blackhawk, Harleys, everything you might have expected Elvis to own. 

Harley-Davidson Museum.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin  2014

The company's official museum, adjacent to the factory.  Examples of every model ever made, with displays of engines, fuel tanks and lots of information about the history of H-D.   The whole set-up has an appropriate heavy metal style.  http://www.h-dmuseumcom

Harrah's Automobile Collection. Reno, Nevada 1983

In 1983 there is little doubt that this was the best car museum in the world. 1200 cars, many awaiting restoration in open sheds outside. 2 Bugatti Royales (out of 6 made) and a lot of other unique or very rare cars like the Dymaxion and the Stout Scarab. Built up by William Harrah of Harrah's Casino, and when he died a large proportion of the exhibits were sold, a core of about two hundred becoming the National Automobile Museum (see below). Many of the best cars went to what is now the Blackhawk Museum and the Imperial Palace Museum in Las Vegas. (see below).

Henn's T-Bird Swap Shop Museum. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2010, 2018 

A collection about 12 very high performance cars, mainly Ferraris and mostly with a top speed of over 200mph. Recent addition is a Bugatti Veyron. Displayed at Henn's T-Bird Swap Shop, a vast market and drive-in cinema complex.  By 2018 the collection had been expanded to about 30 cars.  Website has video tour.

The Henry Ford Museum.  Dearborn, Michigan  2014

Considered to be one of the best car museums, it also covers other forms of transport and many aspects of  life in the 20th century. Has one of the six Type 41 Bugatti Royales and the car in which President Kennedy was assassinated.

Imperial Palace Auto Collections. Las Vegas, Nevada 2008

Perhaps not quite as exotic as Blackhawk, but not far short and the cars are better displayed. Many coachbuilt Rolls-Royces and other luxury cars of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Most are for sale but don't expect to get anything for less than $200,000.  Now renamed the Auto Collections at LINQ Casino. (see above)

Klassix. Daytona, Florida 2003

In the same building as Autoklassix, but a more general collection with motorcycles and a lot of automobilia. Vastly overpriced. Closed 2003.

Lane Motor Museum.  Nashville, Tennessee  2011

An excellent privately owned collection of rare and interesting vehicles, many from Europe.   A considerable number of unique prototype cars, plus microcars, motorcycles, military vehicles and a display of Tatras.  A friendly museum, in which photography is welcomed.  Very well worth visiting.

Larz Anderson Museum. Boston, Massachusetts 2006

A unique museum. Larz Anderson was a wealthy man with an estate in Boston at the start of the 20th century. He bought cars, mostly expensive ones, used them for a couple of years, and then put them in his outbuildings. Eventually he had a new Motor House built in the style of a French chateau, and that is where they are today, still exactly as when he last used them.  He had 14 cars, but some others were added later.

Marconi Automotive Museum.  Tustin, California   2016

A good collection of mainly high-performance cars and motorcycles, owned by Dick Marconi.  Some rare and exotic machines.   Entry charge is a donation to a children's charity.

Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry.  Wasilla, Alaska   2012

A museum covering all aspects of transportation, with a number of cars, including some equipped to travel along railroad tracks for maintenance purposes.   Most of the exhibits are exposed to the elements and deteriorating, which seems to be common practice in Alaskan museums.

National Automobile Museum. Reno, Nevada 1999

About 220 cars from the original Harrah collection, well displayed. The Dymaxion is still there, and there are many good cars, but for exotica it cannot match Blackhawk or the Imperial Palace.

National Automotive & Truck Museum.  Auburn, Indiana   2014

A really good collection of cars and commercial vehicles adjacent to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.  Run by enthusiastic friendly people.

Petersen Automotive Museum. Los Angeles, California 2005, 2017

Another high-class museum, with many rare and unusual cars. Has temporary exhibitions lasting a few months with different themes.   High standard maintained in 2017.

San Diego Automotive Museum. San Diego, California 2005

A large collection of cars, motorcycles and automobilia with a considerable European content.

Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Sarasota, Florida 2004

A slimmed down descendent of Bellms Cars and Music, with about 100 cars. Average interest, although at the time of the last visit there was an Invicta Black Prince Convertible, which seemed rather improbable and no one could explain how it got there.

Shelby Museum. Las Vegas, Nevada 2008

A small museum (enlarged since 2008) attached to the Shelby factory where Shelby Cobras are still built, as well the Shelby Mustangs. As might be expected, most of the cars are Cobras and Mustangs in one form or another. Free factory tour on weekday mornings.    There is an unconnected Shelby American Museum at Boulder, not far away.

Snook's Dream Cars.  Bowling Green, Ohio  2014

An excellent private collection of vehicles and automobilia in buildings fronted by a classical 1950s-style service station and workshop.

Volo Auto Museum.  Volo, Illinois   2014

This is mainly a classic car dealership with five enormous showrooms containing hundreds of cars, mostly in outstanding condition. Most of the cars are for sale, but some permanent exhibits are connected with famous people such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and James Bond.  Also a military section.  The business seems to be run by dedicated people and the prices are reasonable by European standards. Worth a visit if you are looking for an American classic car.

There are very many more museums in the USA.


Emirates National Auto Museum.  Abu Dhabi  2015

A private collection of about 200 vehicles, the property of Sheikh Hamid Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.  Housed in a pyramid-like building in the desert, it covers a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles, with special emphasis on ones suitable for the local conditions.  The centerpiece is a huge 1980s-style American pick-up with several normal pick-ups parked underneath it.

Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. Sharjah   2015

A state-run museum operated in conjunction with the Sharjah Old Car Club.  About 100 cars and motorcycles from around the world, covering most of the 20th century.

For over 1100 car museums world wide see